Apollyon Alliance 2019 - Founded by N00MKRAD / Thaumiel Games

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We are Property Damage! We are an indie studio, created as a group of people who wanted to make quality games for everyone to enjoy. We are currently creating an SCP Project spearheaded by KeZeio known as SCP: Hidden Agenda, a Singleplayer and Multiplayer game with tons of content for you to enjoy. We plan on creating a wonderful experience, with tons of variety in SCPs, weapons and more! We plan on supporting this game to the very end, so we hope that you can join us!


Staff Members:

KeZeio: Main Project and Programming Lead
Dyzzy: 3D Model Lead and Soundtrack Composer
byrnable: Community Manager
Schmoopy Boop: Story Lead
Ace: Voice Actor

Special Thanks:
BlueFonzie: A streamer that helped our game get a little publicity :)
Our Dedicated Fans: For sticking with us throughout the game’s development cycle :) 



SCP: Hidden Agenda

A successor to SCP: Containment Breach with a compelling Singleplayer storyline, and an engaging Multiplayer with tons of variety and content. Escape the Site as a D-Class, or Resist the SCP threat as a member of an MTF Unit. With multiple ways to escape or kill your threat, you will certainly be in for a ride.