Apollyon Alliance 2019 - Founded by N00MKRAD / Thaumiel Games

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Who are we?


We're HST Studios! A relatively new group of developers devoted to the SCP community! We're currently working on a game known as SCP: Fragmented Minds, a wonderfully new SCP game unlike any other available today! Our hopes is to rattle the SCP community as well as help bring together the SCP developer community with Thaumiel!


Special thanks to:

  • Jester from Affray Studios - Continuous help and support and overall just being a good friend

  • SCP Illustrated - Exposure & Concept Art

  • All of our partners - Helping to grow our community


A survival horror game with FPS elements with a 5 part linear story line, as well as a well flushed out multiplayer with several game modes. Experience the lives of some characters who work for as well as against the foundation in a story that will hopefully keep you engaged until the end!