Apollyon Alliance 2019 - Founded by N00MKRAD / Thaumiel Games

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Founded by Pirangunter21, Digital Raven Interactive is an Indie Game developer who have made several SCP games and are current developing a game based on SCP-024 (Game Show of Death). We made SCP games using Unreal Engine 4 to make the graphics look good as well as the gameplay itself.


A 43-year old man convicted of human trafficking was captured by The Authority. They wanted to use him as a test subject to retrieve a special package in 055 basement. It was retrieved by one of a test subject but failed because she got caught by 055-01. He must work with them or else he'll face the consequences.

A group of soldiers find themselves in a very strange situation where they found an abandoned German trench. As they dive deeper into the tunnel, they found something that changes their behaviors, especially to one of the Corporal.

Urban exploring gone wrong, Shay and his crew trapped in a game show where the contestants must get the prize through dangerous and life-threatening obstacle.